Does my Car Insurance Policy Cover Damages Caused by Riots? 

The last several months have seen extraordinary rioting after the horrible death of African American George Floyd at the hands and knee of a now-infamous police officer. Protesters have actually taken to the streets and set various buildings ablaze. This resulted in hundreds-of-millions of dollars in damage, across cities, both large and small throughout the U.S. Allegations have been made that come mayors actually pulled back police forces while the rioting took place.

Vehicles we’re not left untouched in this prolonged civil unrest. Thousands of automobiles, vans, SUVs, and even motorcycles were damaged and some completely totaled over the past few months. Nightly reports revealed automobiles being flipped upside down, set on fire, and vandalized with objects, seemingly almost every night. Numerous innocent people, a few of whom took the protester’s side, had their cars and motorcycles thrashed as a result of rioting.

Recent Riots Have Damaged Thousands of Vehicles  

The riots have caused many people to ask, does my automobile insurance policy cover damages from rioters? This is an excellent concern and one that almost no one thinks about when they purchase an auto insurance policy. We went online and posed this question to a top internet comparison site, Insurance. If anyone knows the answer to this question it is “Mr. Rodney Insurance.” The response wasn’t exactly very clear cut.

It really depends on the type of coverage you have, which will determine if you are protected from rioters. A basic liability insurance policy will probably not cover you from riots. However, a comprehensive car insurance plan will in most instances cover you from riot damage, even a total loss. Minimum kinds of policies like liability only are planned to only cover damages to other people’s property, like their car or personal injuries. These types of policies are not going to include coverage for riot damages.

Liability Only Auto Insurance Won’t Cover You 

If you have a minimum liability coverage policy you may not have the ability to make any claim. This leaves you with the option of suing the rioters if you have evidence of who the rioters were and can prove the damages. This could cause a financial judgment in your favor. However, even then, it might be difficult to impossible to collect any money. Many rioters are young, under 25, with limited resources. Some don’t even have bank accounts, which would make collecting money owed very difficult.

Comprehensive Insurance Plans Often Cover Riots

If you have a comprehensive vehicle policy, there’s a great possibility that you’ll be covered. Many brand-new and newer types of vehicles are required to carry comprehensive insurance if they are financed or leased. While this coverage is more expensive, it sure is a “lifesaver” when riots occur. While this kind of insurance coverage is pricier, it offers much wider protection. It provides a wide range of protection, even damage from things most people wouldn’t expect, like riots. This includes fires and body damage done to your vehicle. Even a total loss could be covered with extensive coverage.

What to do if Your Vehicle is Damaged in a Riot?

The first thing you need to do is evaluate and check all the damage done to your vehicle. Walk around and take video and photo evidence of all the damage you see. Also, check under your cars and truck for any damage you can’t easily see. Despite the fact that it’s hard, try to remain level-headed and calm. The damage has unfortunately already taken place, and there’s nothing you can about it. You can also file a report with the police, but they are likely to be very busy.

Contact Your Insurer and File a Claim 

The next thing you can do is contact your cash register insurance provider and file a claim. You will be asked several questions that you’re required to answer. Give thorough answers to every question asked.  Questions will include: where did the event take place, where was your car parked, did you submit a police report. You’ll also be asked if you captured any evidence of the rioters, perhaps a photo or video? Filing a claim will take a long period of time and you require to address each question thoroughly and always give truthful answers each and every time.

After your claim is submitted you will need to get a repair quote from a credible repair facility. If your car is completely totaled, work with your insurance provider to find out the current market value of your vehicle. File a claim as soon as possible so you can get a replacement vehicle as quickly as possible.

You will have to Pay a Deductible 

Something that will cost a person after vehicle damage due to riots is the deductible payment. This cost is unavoidable and will be paid before your claim can be processed. It can range from $200 all the way to $1,000 or even more. While it’s of course absolutely not fair that your precious, innocent car was destroyed in a riot, the unfortunate truth is you will still have out of pocket expenses you can’t avoid.

So, the next time a riot happens near you, try and protect your car and move it out of the area. If that is not an option, then comprehensive auto insurance will cover you for damages that occur.