What makes California one of the top destinations in the US for gamers?

Gaming in all its guises has enjoyed a real burst of popularity in recent times. The global video game sector, for example, was reportedly worth around $120bn by the end of 2019! That is a staggering amount and shows just how far gaming has come in a relatively short period. The USA certainly has its fair share of gaming enthusiasts who have helped the sector grow and plenty of states that are top destinations for gaming fans.

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One state which is enduringly appealing to gamers is California. On the West Coast of North America, it has always had a magnetic pull for players. It indeed holds its own against other popular gaming states like Rhode Island or Texas. If you love to play games, then you could do a lot worse than heading to Cali! But why is this state such an excellent location for gamers in the USA?

Good gambling options in Cali

When it comes to gaming, many people now love classic casino table games or slots as much as playing video games. While online gambling on sports, casino games, or virtual sports is not yet legal in this beautiful state, that should not put gamers off. Although you cannot play at standard online casinos in Cali, it is legal to have fun with promotional sweepstake online sites. The list includes well-known names like Chumba Casino and Luckyland Slots.

There are also some very good land-based casinos on the tribal ground in the state. Enjoying games like poker and blackjack is possible there if you fancy checking them out in person. For a full rundown of online casino CA details, check out the Bonusseeker website today. They bring together all the information you need to know about gambling fun in California.

California is a professional gaming hotbed

If you are looking at making gaming your career, then California is THE state. It boasts two of the major centers for game development in the US – Los Angeles and San Francisco. Both cities are major hubs for the global gaming industry, which means kickstarting a gaming career here is not too hard. Whether you want to crack it as a pro player or work at a studio developing games, Cali is the ideal state to get the opportunity you have been waiting for. Compared to other states in the USA, the amount of top studios and jobs here is impressive.

Thriving gaming community

Another big draw which California has for many is the strong gaming community you will find in places like Los Angeles. There are many people in places like this who love to play video games or online sweepstakes for fun in their spare time. So anyone who moves to or visits there has a vibrant gaming community to plug-into.

If you come from somewhere without the facility, being able to easily find others who share your passion for playing games is very refreshing. This can be seen in the number of places to game at around the state and also the number of gaming events it sees. One look at a video game convention schedule for California shows just how many events they run for gamers to check out.

Lots to see and do – plus great weather!

Although this is not directly related to gaming per se, it is a major reason why so many gamers love this great state. The weather here is pretty fabulous most of the time, and you get lots of sunshine during summer. California also has so many things to see and do when not gaming. From checking out the beachfront at San Diego to wine tasting in the Napa Valley or visiting Hollywood in LA, you will never get bored here. That makes it ideal for gamers who want a relaxed, cool lifestyle to enjoy and plenty of options when they have finished playing for the day.

California is a gamer’s paradise

The simple fact is that California has long been known as a top US state for gamers. Much of this is down to the dominant professional presence it has in the industry, along with the vibrant gaming community it offers for people to discover. When you also add in good options for gamblers and a fabulous lifestyle, it is undoubtedly attractive. That is likely to become even more the case should online casino play finally be legalized in the near future as is hoped.