The benefits of using high-quality firewood in London

Kiln drying involves force drying firewood in a commercial kiln and this can happen between 4 and 6 days depending on the efficiency of your kiln. It is a thorough drying process to make them perform well.

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Because they are dried effectively, it means they can’t give you problems lighting them, they burn excellently and generate great heat output. Besides these, they burn clean, so they can’t damage your stove glass. This page explains some of these benefits of using high-quality firewood in London.

Understanding kiln-dried wood

Wood is used to make various products such as furniture and firewood. But the drying process, type, and quality of wood play a huge role in determining the quality of these products. If you use wood for camping, heating, cooking, perhaps you have come across kiln-dried logs.

To get the best firewood for camping trips or your fireplace, you need to try kiln-dried firewood. You see, this wood has become popular with many people because it has many benefits. As mentioned earlier, kiln-dried wood has a moisture content that is reduced through a process known as kiln-drying. This is one of the best woods available on the market because it is energy-efficient.

This kiln-drying process usually relies on hardwood oak and ash. Keep in mind that hardwood is usually favored instead of softwood such as cider, so the logs that come from hardwood and are kiln-dried have high-quality.

No wonder, kiln-dried ash wood which is high in demand can be difficult to find on the market. The good news is that you can sometimes find it online to make buying it quite easy and accessible to many people.

The benefits of kiln-dried wood

Now that you understand how the kiln drying process is done, it’s time to know the benefits of using this type of logs. The truth is that logs that are produced through kiln drying have far much superior quality than seasoned wood. Below are some merits of using quality firewood in London:

It burns cleaner

Seasoned wood can deposit creosote and soot, so many people complain about this problem. You may be wondering what creosote is all about. Well, it’s a substance generated by burning wood, and it tends to stick to the inside of your wood stove or fireplace after cooling down.

Therefore, when you try to use that fireplace again, creosote tends to burn to create a safety hazard. Besides this, it’s regarded as a poisonous substance that can lead to health problems once you inhale it. It’s effects can even be worse if you’re suffering from respiratory health conditions.

On the other hand, kiln-dried logs can burn cleaner, so they don’t produce deposit creosote when you use them. As a result, kiln-dried logs are worth using for families, such as those with young children or even seniors who are at risk of dangers of creosote.

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It can easily ignite

Camping is quite often linked to uncomfortable and wet and cold conditions. But you can improve your camping conditions when you use kiln-dried logs. If you want to go for a long camping trip, perhaps you should always take reliable logs which you can use to keep yourself warm and cook.

Kiln-dried logs can be a huge asset because it catches fire quite quickly. In this way, you don’t need to spend lots of time and effort into building a fire. You just need a simple spark to get the fire going with kiln-dried logs, and the campfire can be long-lasting. This can keep you and your family warm as you prepare to explore the wilderness.

It burns for long

Understandably, firewood is not that expensive product, but if you use many logs within a short time, it can be expensive. So you can save resources by opting for kiln-dried logs because they are more economical than seasoned wood. You just need to put a couple of kiln-dried logs in the fireplace to keep your home warm for the entire night.

In this way, you can enjoy chatting with your family or reading a book instead of walking around throughout the night to add new logs in your fireplace. This efficiency can help you to save tons of money and it also allows you to reduce the consumption of wood products, meaning you can conserve the environment.

It’s smokeless

Kiln-dried logs are known for being a very clean source of heat, meaning they don’t produce smoke when you burn them. This is quite opposite to the greenwood and seasoned wood, especially greenwood that generates pitch-black smoke when you burn them.

This smoke can be irritating to the eyes, nose, and even your lungs. Seasoned wood doesn’t produce lots of smoke, though it still creates some of it. Compared to these two options, you are in safe hands using kiln-dried logs.

It has a nice aroma

Regardless of whether you are camping outdoors or not, you are aware that campfires can produce an awful smell. This smell can stick on your clothes for several days and it can be hard to get rid of it. However, this smell can depend on the type of wood that you use in your campfire because greenwood and seasoned wood usually produce smoke.

This smell can transfer to your clothes or food that you’re cooking to give it an awful taste. This is the reason why you need to use kiln-dried logs so that your food is delicious and doesn’t taste bad.

It’s easy to store it

Most of the traditional firewood has to be kept in a shed for storage as it usually has bug eggs and pests. So storing such wood can cause the infestation to your entire home which can be hard to get rid of.

With kiln-dried wood, you can store them in your home because they go through a kiln-drying process that kills the pests and bug eggs. All you need to do is to place the logs on a raised platform and cover them to prevent them from touching your floor.