How do you make a lapel pin yourself?

It does not matter what product you want to make; all it needs your true determination with the right guideline. Making enamel pins yourself is not too tricky. However, you still need some kind of directions with a practical strategy that helps without wasting time.

Here you will find out all the best ways and tools that let you make a lapel pin yourself. If you have ever done any business, you will not find it difficult, whereas if you never been in a business before, you must be stuck in a few simple questions, such as:

How to make my designs perfect?

How to make enamel pins from my designs?

How to grab the attention of my customers?

How to sell my product online?

How to increase the quality of my sale?

All these and related queries will make your mind overwhelmed. According to many people, making enamel pins yourself is not an easy process. Well, it is not like that. Actually, making lapel pins is a convenient and quick process, and most of the time, it does not even take more than 2 – 4 weeks.

Are you shocked after knowing how simple this process is?

Ultimately, how would you be able to make your own pins? Well, you can break down the process of making pins at home into six simple steps:

· Get ready with your artwork.

· Choose what material you want to use for the enamel pin

· Decide what size of the pin you want

· Decide how many pins you want to make

· Decide how many pin backs you want

· Find a place for the manufacturing of your enamel pins

Things You Need for Homemade Pins

· White plastic shrink film

· Permanent marker (Dark color)

· Fine grit sandpaper

· Acrylic craft paint

· Round brush

· Water

· Gloss acrylic sealer

· Pinbacks

· Hot glue gun

· Colored cardstock

So let’s dive into the process:

Step 1:

Sand Shrink Film

The process starts by simply sanding the shrink film. Clean out any dust you found.

Making the outside surface rough helps the paint stick to the plastic.

Step 2:

Tracing and Painting the Design

Draw any figures you want for your pins and print those drawings on standard paper. On top of the drawings, put the shrink film and trace the outlines of figures using a dark color permanent marker.

Next, after tracing each figure’s outlines, you need to paint the design according to your choice using acrylic paint. Don’t forget to use water to thin out the paint color. Thinning out the paint is necessary because it lets your drawings smooth finishing touch. Putting a lot of pigment on the plastic is not appreciated as it can clump up and make the texture look weird.

Step 3:

Cutting of the Figure

After tracing and painting, now you need to cut them out. Without leaving any white space, cut the figure along the tracing line.

Step 4:


Using a parchment-lined baking sheet, you can put on your figures and place them in a 250 degree Fahrenheit oven. Within 5 minutes, tour figures get shrunk finely. Once the figures shrink up, you will see them as curled up. However, when they get shrunk fully, you will see them flat once again.

Step 5:

Add Gloss Coat on Top

Once your figures get cooled down, try adding a clear topcoat that makes them look nice and shine. You can use a brush on gloss decoupage or a spray-on sealer.

Step 6:

Put Backs to the Pins

Finally, once the top coating dries, attach the pin-backs using a hot glue gun.

That’s it. Your lapel pins at home are ready to wear. You can gift these pins to anyone along with a greeting card. This is how to make a lapel pin yourself. Though it is not an expensive method, you still need to have time and all the material available at home.

You can make different designs and sizes according to the needs. This is truly convenient for you to make enamel pins at home without getting help from others. If you are short on budget, don’t worry about it. This is the simplest and quickest way that finds a practical solution to your problem.

Keep on practicing different designs, and don’t forget to share lapel pins with your friends and family.