Your Ultimate Guide On LDR Sex Toys: The Hows And The Benefits

A long-distance relationship, like its close-distance opposite, requires work. All relationships do. Only, with LDRs, the challenge is in the “how” of working together as a couple despite being miles apart.

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The misconception that LDRs are a “no-go” ended when technology saw its turn towards leaps and bounds in keeping people connected, even with oceans in between where they reside.

Okay. We know that you’ve been thinking about how to keep the… fire (in your genitalia, no less) alive, if you get we mean. We’re more than pretty sure that you do. *Wink. Experts say that long distance sex toys are among how you can go about it.

Get that fiery passion burning and let your intimate parts do the talking, as though your significant other were right next to and all over you. And definitely all over your body, with these toys.

Tips On How To Prepare For Coital Accessories

  1. Keep Calm 

It’s understandable for noobs to feel nervous or intimidated at the thought of using sex toys. But you and your boo have spoken about it and have decided to give this a go, especially since you’ve been living LDR for quite some time already.

In fact, even couples who are, shall we say, well-versed in utilizing such apparatuses still feel a wee bit anxious right before the playing begins. Don’t worry about it. You’re in this together and have each other’s support as you go along.

  1. Don’t Overthink It 

This is NOT to say that it’s alright to ignore instructions. We’re talking about attaching, inserting, and wrapping foreign matters to your tendernesses. PLEASE read instruction manuals (if the ones you’ve chosen necessitate them) before the LDR coital intercourse begins.

Review said guidelines. We’re assuming you’ll be reading through them together with your honeybunch over Skype, FaceTime, or other social media and/or web platforms for long-distance communication.

***By the by, a quickie-tip here (pun intended): talk about sex with your loved one. LDR or not, it’s best to tell each other about what you’re comfortable in doing, which positions are doing nill for you and which ones, nirvana-climaxing. Simply converse about it casually. It’ll help improve your sex life. Trust us. Better yet, trust the experts who’ve been recommending this to-talk-about for ages.

  1. Hygiene, Hygiene, Hygiene 

Just because you’re on one end of the globe and your babe’s on the other doesn’t mean it’s acceptable to be a slob. Even more so concerning LDR sex gadgets. Actually, there isn’t a single reason nor excuse for being unhygienic.

You won’t like reading about this on a post regarding steamy LDR sex-playing with your significant other. But not paying attention to how you clean these toys, along with your tenderness, will result in nasty growths.

That should be ‘nuff said yet it isn’t. Growths from acne to rashes, flaking, the presence of infections and yeast, and more. Much more. Additionally, a lack of hygiene of said toys and genitalia is an invitation for bacteria to grow in them.

Now that that’s out of the frame, let’s head to a less cringe-y recommendation on number 4.

  1. Give It Time 

Like any new gadget you purchase, it takes practice before you get it right. The same is true with LDR lovemaking gizmos. The first few attempts may not yield mind-blowing, euphorically orgasmic results. You might not climax if there-ever. So don’t set your bars of expectation above-ceiling.

Although if you do hit that bell, well then crank it up! Then again, don’t be disappointed in case you don’t climax. Practice.

Benefits Of LDR Coital Apparatuses

  1. Coitus As Though You’re Right Next To Each Other 

There’s no being poetic here, though we’re all for romance and sweetness. But the fact remains that LDR sex toys are primarily there so that you and your beloved can simulate having sex with each other, even if you’re physically miles apart.

Perhaps you’re a couple that doesn’t regard sex in that light. That’s okay. We respect you. To each couple their own. On the other hand, if sexual intercourse is a major player in your field, then consider these playthings.

You’ll be surprised at how these items can help you and your better-half experience sex incredibly, and be able to satisfy each other. And conceivably breathtakingly orgasm together.

  1. They Can “Get You There” Quicker 

If you’re in one of those moments when you want to skip the foreplay (or in this regard, self-foreplay while your beau is on the other line of the phone or video call), long-distance relationship baubles will aid you in cresting… faster.

They are medically designed to hit your G-spots in an effective and efficient manner. Not to be too technical about it, but yes, to be technical about it. These instruments differ in texture, structure, material type, and operation. Portions of the said variables are meant to cause genital stimulation in an expedited approach. Often, faster, than without

  1. A Bit Of Pizzazz In Your Sex Life, LDR-Style 

If your sex life is something you want to spice up LDR-style, sex toys won’t let you down. They’re fun and certainly exciting. That, once you get the hang of utilizing them without overthinking it like you would a math equation.

Missing your loved one is heightened by distance. But through texting and bringing in LDR sex gizmos into your calls and videocalls, these will ease the gloominess you’re going through. Add to that how they bring in that good, good feeling of sensual touchy-feely, orgasmic spark in your LDR sex life.

  1. They’re Healthy 

Medically speaking, that is. Going through the motions of pleasuring yourself and your lovey-dovey is healthy as it may stabilize the functions of your bodily systems.

Stress is a major factor that pours imbalance to any or all of the organs of your body. Cortisol causes your central nervous and cardiovascular system (among others) to work on heightened intensities to keep up with “stress” itself.

However, they can only do so in short bursts. Hence, the fight or flight mode. When stress lingers and becomes chronic, plus how much you’re longing to be with your beau, it can cause you to be demotivated at work, constantly tired, lethargic, etc.

Your reproductive system is affected by this, too. Hence problems like premature climaxing, or not climaxing at all. With the support of LDR sex toys, stimulation can take place in a more sustainable way.

When blood courses through your body and gets you to relax in your “pleasuring” motion, stress may be reduced. Blood passageways will be just as relaxed and will let blood flow be stable. As a result, you’ll sleep better in the evenings.